In every generation, there are significant traces of God’s ways and works till visible to men.

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As the above is not uncommon, so is the declarations and the workings of the Lord for where the Spirit is, there is God’s revelations and works.
These works, so evidenced in men God has called, one of the significant ones being Pastor Dunstan Kagwiisa, often lead to return men’s hearts to God, especially in the seeming-darkest of times.

Whilst in his private home performing his home labours, the Spirit of God suddenly spoke and opened the eyes of Pastor Dunstan Kagwiisa to prepare an event the Lord named the ONLINE LOVE CRUSADE to preach God’s LOVE for humanity to Uganda, Africa and the world.

Christ for All Nations Ministry

For our newest readers, Pastor Dunstan Kagwiisa is the founder and pastor of World Restoration Ministries. A former corporate lawyer and legal practitioner, his Organisation, World Restoration Ministries, is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT Christian ministry with a call from God for global transformation and restoration

From the early days of his calling, Pastor Dunstan has been a preacher of the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ and has carried that message of God’s grace until 2019, when the Lord gave him a further and deeper revelation of the gospel which is Agape, the unconditional ever-reaching Love of God.
He is currently and for the rest of his life running with the message of God’s love to all humanity, Christian and non-Christian.

The Online Love Event, shall take place on the 22nd-23rd of April 2022 and shall be LIVE via popular online streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and major television stations in Uganda.

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World Restoration Ministries.
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