Online Love Crusade Launch Event completed with great success!

Sitting in a vibrantly filled auditorium in Kampala Uganda, was many in the world were no doubt doing albeit that the Sunday pf 19th December 2021 at World Restoration Ministries was more special, the Kickoff of the activities of the 2022 event of the year took place.

Jacob's dream at Bethel points him in the right direction (Genesis 28:10 -  28:22) - Bible Blender

For the many who may not be familiar with the norm, the Online Love Crusade, OLC is an upcoming evangelization event intended to preach God’s LOVE for humanity to Uganda, Africa and the world.

The event which will feature Pastor Dunstan Kagwiisa preaching, teaching, healing and delivering the oppressed via the television waves of major media stations in Uganda and popular online platforms will happen on the 22nd to 23rd of April 2022.

The OLC committee, selected team of event experts didn’t waste any moment to up the ante on portraying, explaining the 2022 proceedings and fundraising efforts which bagged the first million that will be used to see many saved by the preaching of the Gospel.

For our newest readers, the Online Love Crusade is a current culmination (let’s call it iteration) of a series of Agape Meetings, Love gatherings that have drawn men and women from all walks of life to hear, experience and receive God’s unconditional love. These meetings, which take place every Wednesday at Lugogo show grounds and on popular online platforms, have drawn Pastor Kagwiisa’ s largest crowds for months.

As of the time of writing of this article, there is no other energy or activity that solicits much zeal in Kampala than the Online Love Crusade, this very feeling leaving us to wonder, WHAT MANNER OF EVENT THIS WILL BE?

Please enjoy this video excerpt of the launch event.

For the not patient, it’s okay to come to Kampala for your sabbatical and take part of history in the making and for our other ardent reader, until next time, God bless you and keep you all.

Lots of Love,

World Restoration Media.
World Restoration Ministries.
Kampala, Uganda.

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